Renewable heat

Biomass boilers benefit you & the environment.

Every Biomass Plant Novalux Installs Financially Benefits our Customers.

 Our systems are a long term investment which provide impressive savings on gas and oil. For those wanting to dispose of waste wood, straw or other organic materials, Novalux is able to offer a variety of different boiler types to suit the requirements of your business.

Installing biomass means 90% of the fuel you burn is converted into useable heat.

How does it work?

Whatever fuel type you choose, generating renewable heat will provide benefits for your business.

The fuel is fed into the boiler and burnt at high temperatures to produce heat, or thermal energy. This thermal energy is transferred to a heat exchanger which provides you with heat for space or processes.

Our boilers won't
harm the environment

The boilers Novalux install are CE certified, and Waste Incineration Directive (WID)/ IED approved. Advanced filtration and abatement systems mean you can burn organic material or waste without causing pollution.

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Upgrade to Combined Heat and Power

By adding an ORC or steam turbine onto a biomass boiler you also benefit from power, you can use the electricity on site or sell it to the grid through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

We only install the best.

Novalux knows engineering. We’ve worked with many technologies over the years and that’s how we know which renewables are right for your business.  All of our boilers include the following as standard:

Automatic fuel feed

A chain conveyor automatically feeds fuel from the store to the boiler via a walking floor system. Have your chip delivered straight into your fuel store and start producing heat.

Robust fuel handling

A system to cover all eventualities - the boilers we install can handle difficult to process fuel due to our chain and flight conveyors, walking floor or top loaders, ram stokers and scraper de-ash systems.

Ceramic filters

Burning waste wood can cause nasty particulates. Our method of filtration is approved by environmental agencies to keep the air clean for you and the environment.

Off-site monitoring

Continuous monitoring means you don't have to be on site to know everything's running smoothly. Stay in control with remote support too.

Want to enjoy cheap heat and power for the next 20 years without investing? Partner with Novalux.

It all starts with a site survey. Book yours now.

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