Commercial Solar PV
Freedom from energy price rises in 12 weeks.

Commercial Solar PV
Freedom from energy price rises in 12 weeks.

Energy price rises are making commercial Solar PV crucial for many businesses.

Novalux energy install renewable energy systems including Energy from Waste (EfW) and commercial Solar PV for businesses. All of the systems which Novalux install make good financial sense for our customers, providing solid long term income streams whilst helping businesses to reduce their carbon output.

Power for Commercial Properties

Novalux Energy install Solar PV systems over 50kW on a variety of different ground and roof types. Whether your commercial premise has land or a flat roof with skylights, we can recommend panel types and a system design which will optimise the energy you produce.

Designed within 5 working days

Send an enquiry in and receive a design with panel numbers and the approximate kilowatt hours hours of energy your site could be producing by the end of the week. 

Our team uses specialist software in conjunction with satellite images of your site to create a quote before performing a site visit. 

Save money for your business

Novalux has been installing Solar PV since 2010. For site references and example returns click below.



Land owners



Why install a commercial Solar PV system with Novalux?

Novalux has over 12 years of experience installing commercial Solar PV systems, offering a turnkey solution from design, to planning and grid connections through to installation, commissioning and servicing.

Novalux installs Tier 1 panels and high efficiency industry leading inverters, which will maximise the electricity generation of your site.

Novalux are fully accredited with an experienced team and each site is allocated a project manager to ensure a high quality system is installed.

Week 1

Receive Your System Design.

Send Novalux the address of your business premises and receive a design of your site within 5 days.

Week 8

Panels Arrive at Site.

Novalux will take care of your grid connection and assist with planning applications when they are required.

Week 12

Generate Electricity. Save Carbon.

Start generating your own power to be used on site or sell back to the grid through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

Connecting to the grid.

A solar system larger than 3.68kW per phase (which most commercial systems are) must have permission from the local distribution network operator (DNO) before it can be connected to the grid. 

Sometimes this means you may need to pay for the network to be upgraded. If this happens Novalux will make sure that the upgrade is still cost effective for you whilst assisting with the process.

Novalux can offer a fully funded solution.

Partner with Novalux.

Solar is now the cheapest form of electricity.

Reduce carbon and make savings with a sub 3 year payback.
It all starts with a site survey. Book yours now.

Request a call back from one of our team or let us know your requirements and we’ll send you some further information.