High temperature without high pressure.

Thermal oil biomass boilers

Simple and easy to maintain.

Thermal oil is the ideal boiler fluid due to it’s non-corrosive nature. 

The pipework is closed circuit, meaning there is no need for purging or thermal fluid treatment.

Can operate at high temperatures without high pressure, avoiding risk of explosion

Oil freezing temperature is -40°C so no need for anti freeze when installing in colder climates

Precise temperature regulation gives flexibility to working temperature​

Robust fuel feed

Designed without augers, our boilers can take a variety of materials, and sizes without causing blockages. Meaning less fuss, less downtime and less effort to run your machine.

Off-site monitoring

Continuous monitoring means you don't have to be on site to know everything's running smoothly. Stay in control with remote support too.​

Produce power with ORC

High temperatures create a large temperature and pressure drop through the turbine, producing high electrical efficiencies.

Easily navigate permitting requirements

Novalux will help you through the process of applying for any required planning and permitting.

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