Improve your process.
Use steam.

Waste steam boilers

Cut your fuel costs to under 3p per kWh by switching to a Novalux WID/IED boiler.

Your industry, your fuel

Our steam boilers allow you to burn a huge variety of fuel types. RDF, straw, animal waste and even olive stones. 

Our steam plants have superior build quality.

Temperature control

With flue gas recirculation and a water cooled grate you can ensure accurate temperature control to account for different moisture levels of fuel whilst protecting the grate and furnace.


Reduced environmental impact

All of the technology Novalux installs is carbon neutral. However, as our steam boilers allow you to use waste fuels, you can reduce your environmental impact even more.

Proven form of heating for industrial processes requiring steam

No need for pumps to circulate heat

High pressure to create high heat to power ratios when combined with a steam turbine

Want to enjoy cheap heat and power for the next 20 years without a capital outlay?

  Partner with Novalux.

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