About us

About us

We make sure your switch to renewable energy pays

We understand you won’t switch to renewable energy for the environmental benefits alone. You need to see a financial benefit too.


We combine our expert technical knowledge with a thorough understanding of how you can consistently have the best possible income. Which means you generate the optimum amount of energy for the optimum return.


And help build a more sustainable future.


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And take a look at the return on your investment you can expect with CHP, Biomass and Solar.



Happy customers


Novalux began as a small operation. Our business grew through word of mouth and we made sure that we had a great reputation locally before extending our services.


We now supply and install across England and Scotland. Our reputation is still at the core of our business model, so if we're not able to do a job, we'll recommend another company who will be able to help.


If you have any issues with your system we'll always send one of our engineers to fix it, and fast.



Novalux have outlasted many of the changes to the energy industry because our customers are impressed by the work we do and are happy to recommend us to others.




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"Novalux recommended equipment which replaced all elements of electrical and heat requirements for my business. I'm also using material I already had access to as fuel which I didn't know was possible"

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Our Directors


Jamie and Joseph’s combined experience is in corporate finance, renewable energy, business, engineering and sustainability.


In 2010 they brought their distinct range of skills together to form Novalux. Their aim was - as it is today - to show how, when expertly designed, installed and maintained, renewable energy can have considerable financial benefits alongside its environmental ones.



Jamie Vaughan

Joseph Allcott

Novalux still maintains our focus on engineering and technical excellence. As one of the first companies to install wood gasification CHP in the UK, our experience stretches beyond the equipment we offer.


We’ll never install CHP, biomass or solar unless we’re sure you’ll see a healthy return, and because we're passionate about the efficiency of our machines, our aftersales service is the best you'll find. 


Find out how Novalux can help you cut your energy costs, generate a new source of income and move to a low carbon future.


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