A Recycling Site Processing 5 Tonnes of RDF Per Hour

Novalux Energy Have installed over 110 Renewable installations spanning, waste-to-energy, Biomass and Waste wood boilers, Organic Rankie Cycle and Solar. Combined heat and power project sizes range from 1.3MWth to 110kWe

Example Project

A large recycling site produces RDF from much of the waste they process.

Novalux recommend that they diversify their business by installing a 14MWth thermal oil boiler and 6.2MWe Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC).

The combined system will allow the recycling site to produce their own heat and power on site which they can use to cut down on costs or export to the grid under a PPA, creating a new income stream.

Whilst saving an £85 gate fee, the business can also charge other companies for the disposal of their RDF, use waste as fuel and help contribute to a clean environment.

Income & Savings

CapEx: £13.5m

RDF Gate Fee: £3.9m

PPA: £1.3m

Payback 2.5 years

ROI: 40%

Novalux provides solutions to help reduce your company’s carbon footprint whilst enjoying a large return on investment.

Waste to energy can help you make a sizeable long-term income stream for your business.

Figures above are per annum and based on an £85 gate fee.

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