Fuelled by 12,000 - 150,000 tonnes of RDF per year.

RDF & SRF boilers

Refuse Derived Fuel

RDF includes biodegradable material as well as plastics. During production glass and metals are removed and the residual material is then shredded. Burning RDF as fuel means being profitable without having to meet RHI regulations.

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Earn from the fuel you burn.​

Charge up to £90 gate fee per tonne. Burn 3 tonnes of RDF per hour whilst producing your own electricity. See example figures below.

Water cooled grate.

Extend machine life and prevent high furnace temperatures from burning through grate bars.

Robust handling systems.

Enjoy a long machine life time with lower maintenance needs.

Our machines have superior build quality.

Burning waste requires the most sophisticated technology. Our machines protect your air quality whilst allowing you to make a profit on the fuel you burn.

Low emission combustion

Primary, secondary and tertiary air for oxidation of volatiles.

Abatement for
acid gasses

NOx, dioxins, and furins through urea injection, sodium bicarbonate scrubbing and activated carbon.

Robust fuel feeding

Automatic fuel handling with a top loader or grab.

Want to enjoy cheap heat and power for the next 20 years without a capital outlay?

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Turn waste into power

Feed back to the grid or use the electricity on site. Combine an RDF boiler with an ORC or steam turbine.

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