Example Project

A Skip Company Fuelled by 1.5 Tonnes of RDF Per Hour

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Project Scope

A skip company which has to dispose of RDF by paying for it to go to landfill or to be used in a large ERF facility, can choose to install their own thermal oil boiler. By doing this, they can save a £80 gate fee.

In addition to this saving, Novalux suggests combining the 5.5MWth Sugimat boiler with an 1.3MWe Turboden Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) so that the site can efficiently turn heat from the boiler into power for use on site or export it to the grid under a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

By investing in their own system the recycling site are able to provide their business with a long term income stream whilst helping to keep the environment clean.

Project Financials

Choosing to opt out of the traditional energy model can provide large financial benefits for your business.

Every system Novalux installs provides long term solutions to the rising price of electricity and gas, whilst helping the environment.

The figures below are per annum and based off a £80 gate fee to accept RDF.

CapEx: £5.25m
RDF Gate Fee: £1.23m
PPA: £400,000
Payback: 3.5 years
ROI: 30%

A Recycling Site Processing 5 Tonnes of RDF Per Hour

A Recycling Site Processing 6.5 Tonnes of RDF Per Hour

A Recycling Site Processing 3 Tonnes of RDF Per Hour


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