Be more efficient.
Upgrade to CHP.

Organic Rankine Cycle

Organic Rankine Cycle captures waste heat to generate fuel free, emission free electricity.

ORC new

Increase efficiency

Heat and power your business from a single fuel source. Generate up to 300kWe with our hot water ORC’s and MW+ with high temperature thermal oil ORC’s.

Fully automated controls

The unit can be monitored on site or remotely via bespoke software, built to help you manage your machines with ease.

Robust twin screw expander

Designed for low temperature heat the ORC is suited to small scale CHP operations.

Turbo generator

Designed for high temperature thermal oil and large power applications. 

ORC options


Units can be combined
3x3m space required
8% efficiency
Runs off hot water


300kW up to 20mW
Compact design
20%+ efficiency
Runs off thermal oil

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