Who can benefit from solar

Who can benefit from solar

Solar panels on roof

You will benefit from solar if you have high demand for electricity during the day and space to install a large enough system. It will give you a reliable, low-cost source of energy and a significant return on your investment.


Solar can be used in different sectors. For example:


  • Dairy, pig and poultry farms
  • For cold storage
  • For irrigation pumps
  • Creating an income stream with panels on shed roofs and open land
Estates and landowners
  • To heat game sheds
  • As a site for a solar farm


Industry and commerce
  • To power offices
  • To power warehouses and factories

These are just some of the ways solar is providing a reliable source of energy.


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Reliable energy at a price you can be sure of

Electricity, gas and oil prices continually fluctuate.  This is a considerable problem when energy is a significant expense for your business. Frequent price rises and uncertain costs can prevent you accessing finance or developing long-term plans for growth.


When you use solar to generate your own electricity, you not only cut your costs, you have guaranteed outputs and enjoy an index-linked income for up to 20 years too.


This means you have a secure energy supply.
You have control over your finances.
And you can plan for the future.

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‘Novalux have almost entirely offset our energy bills.’

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A Healthy Return on Your Investment

When you switch to solar, the return on your investment can be considerable. For example, one of our customers, a manufacturing company, uses solar to generate energy onsite and is seeing:

Annual benefits
Annual Electricity Generation 40,546 kWh
Annual Carbon Savings 35,883 kg
Annual Electricity Savings £4,055
Annual Income from Feed-in-Tariff £13,988
Total annual benefit
Benefits over time
Time to payback cost of installation 4.3 years
Feed-in-Tariff income over 20 years* £323,144
Electricity savings over 25 years** £237,581
Total net benefit over 25 years

*Assumes 2% annual inflation
** Assumes 7% annual price increase

Switch to Solar

What incentives can I get?

Solar systems are eligible for the Feed-in-Tariff.

So, not only do you save on your energy costs, you generate a new source of income too.

Do you already have CHP or Biomass?

If you already have CHP or a biomass boiler, it’s still worth considering solar.


Renewable technologies can work alongside each other to provide both heat and power and maintain supply at times of peak demand.