How Solar Works

How Solar Works

Novalux solar panels

How it works

Solar panels are made up of photovoltaic cells that convert sunlight into DC electricity.


An inverter then converts the DC electricity into AC electricity.


A meter records the amount of electricity the panels generate. You use what you need and export the surplus to the grid.


Switch to Solar

Solar is good for the environment

Because solar is a renewable energy,
switching to it means you can cut your CO2 emissions and receive an income from government incentives.

Free Site Survey

To make sure solar is right for you we offer a free site survey.


We make sure your site can produce enough electricity to make solar cost-effective and that you can easily connect it to your power supply.


To book a survey call us on 01600 463 008.

Switching to solar – what’s involved

To make sure solar gives you the best return on your investment it’s important you install the right sized system in the best place on your site. We can help.


  • Carry out a free site survey to determine how many panels you can accommodate and where they can be installed
  • Supply, install and commission the system


As it has no moving parts solar needs almost no maintenance.

Connecting to the public electricity supply

A solar system that is larger than 3.68kW per phase (which most non-domestic systems are) must have permission from the local distribution network operator (DNO) before it can be connected to the grid.


They may grant this permission with no conditions but they may also stipulate an upgrade to the network, which you must pay for.


If they require an upgrade, we can help make sure it would still be cost-effective for you to switch to solar. We can also help make this a quick and easy process as we know the DNOs in our local area well. We’ve worked with their staff so often that we’re on first name terms with many of them.