Switch to Solar

Convert sunlight into electricty
& save on costs

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Solar explained

Convert sunlight into electricty

Solar panels turn sunlight into electricity. You use the electricity you need and export any surplus to the grid. Solar panels can be free-standing or fixed to roofs.

  • You can cut costs

  • You generate income

  • You can plan for the future

  • You cut your carbon emissions

  • Your energy supply is more secure

Five reasons to switch to Solar

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Who can benefit from Solar?

You will get the most benefit from solar if you have a high demand for electricity during the day (although if you don’t you can still benefit by exporting).


The benefits can increase if you have space to install several panels. For example, on the roofs of agricultural or industrial buildings or on open land .

Plan for a secure future

Energy prices fluctuate, which makes it hard to have a long-term financial plan.


With solar you’re using a free, natural resource with a guaranteed supply to generate your own heat and create a long-term income.

Beat energy price rises

Biomass wood fuel is up to:


....cheaper than electricity


....cheaper than LPG


....cheaper than oil

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Exporting electricity to the grid

Your district network operator (DNO) may only allow you to connect a system that is the same size as the maximum kW you can export.


This can be a problem if you want to install a larger system and are likely to use most of the electricity it generates.


We can help, with an export limiting system.

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Return on investment

enjoy an income for 20 years

Solar is eligible for the Feed-in-Tariff so every kW of electricity you generate will earn you money.

You can typically recoup your costs in 4-6 years and benefit from a guaranteed income every year for 20 years.