Who can benefit from CHP

Who can benefit from CHP

Chicken shed

CHP gives you a low-cost source of energy and a significant return on your investment.


If you have high heat and/or power demands, opting out of external power supply can revolutionise your business.


For example:

  • To dry crops
  • To power dairy units
  • To heat livestock sheds
  • To cool vegetable crop stores
  • To heat glasshouses
  • To cool flower stores
Estates, landowners & housing schemes
  • To heat game sheds
  • To heat and power a large house
  • To heat and power several properties
Waste disposal & recycling
  • Reduce weight of waste to landfill
  • To heat and power the site
  • To create emission free disposal
  • To efficiently dispose of grade C waste wood

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Industry & commerce
  • To heat offices
  • To heat and power warehouses and factories

Reliable energy at a price you can be sure of

Electricity, gas and oil prices fluctuate continuously. When energy is a significant expense for your business, frequent price rises and uncertain costs can prevent you from accessing finance or developing long-term plans for growth.


When you use CHP to produce your own energy, you not only cut your costs, you enjoy an index-linked income for 20 years too.


This means you have a secure energy supply.
You have control over your finances.
And you can plan for the future.

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A Healthy Return on Your Investment

When you switch to CHP, the return on your investment can be considerable.

For example, one of our customers based on a farm is using a 1.2MWth biomass boiler and 65kWe ORC and is seeing:

Annual Savings and Income from Electricity
Saving on electricity costs £27,840
Income from exporting excess electricity to the grid £12,064
Annual Income from Grants
Biomass Renewable Heat Incentive £104,760
Biomass CHP Renewable Heat Incentive £186,756
20-year Benefit
Time to payback cost of CHP 4 years
Total net benefit over 20 years

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What incentives can I get?

CHP is eligible for several incentives.

So, not only do you save on your energy costs, you generate a new source of income too.

Do you already have solar?

If you already have solar it’s still worth considering CHP. The two work well together. Where maintaining a consistent temperature is paramount, for example in potato sheds and glasshouses, CHP can guarantee power supply at peak times.


We can also limit the amount of electricity you export from your solar system. This will allow you to export surplus electricity from your CHP unit without applying to your district network operator for more export capacity.


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