Spanner gasification CHP units

Spanner gasification CHP units

Who can benefit from CHP

CHP is a great way to support your future, gain independence from fluctuating energy prices and tap into incentives for reducing your carbon footprint.


Spanner is the leading manufacturer of small, decentralised CHP plants, earning their reputation as the most reliable CHP system. The units specialise in the efficient use of natural wood as an energy source; from agriculture to local heating networks they've been tried and tested across Europe, North America and Asia.

Why we recommend Spanner

Spanner CHP is the leading technology on the market. The wood co-generation units are quick to install and in comparison to other models accessing all parts for maintenance is easy. With their competitive pricing and fully automated process regulation, Spanner have more operational CHP units worldwide than any of their competitors. 


The Spanner CHP system has a compact reformer designed to fit in rooms with a ceiling height of over 2.50m. The unit is perfect for covering base loads for heating grids and can be combined easily for larger energy demands.


From the day you place your order the spanner CHP unit can be ready and operational within 8-12 weeks.




What you may need to consider on your site

  • A fuel store for wet and/or dry chip
  • An installation site measuring 4 x 10m with a minimum ceiling height of 2.5m
  • A site for the dryer
  • 3 phase electric
  • A water supply




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Spanner CHP: Technical advantages

  • 83% overall efficiency rating
  • Generate a constant 45kW of electricity and 110kW of heat
  • Consumption averages out at just 1kg/h per KWe electrical output, powered by the wood gasifier
  • Condensate free wood gas purification
  • Fully automated process regulation
  • Runs on virgin wood
  • Continuous offsite monitoring, remote support and full external control
  • Can be installed inside an existing building or be delivered containerised
  • Compressed air and cold start ignition
  • Safety airlocks ash/chip/flare
  • Full CO alarm and automatic safety ventilation system
  • Bespoke installation design to suit any site
  • Built in sieve automatically removes wood fines, reducing the need to separate
  • Automatically extracts ash
  • Proven technology with over 550 installations worldwide
  • The plant has passed emission and additional regulation tests in all major countries
  • Units are built to stand the test of time, designed to outlast RHI requirements
  • G59 Mains Protection Relay included as required by the District Network Operator
  • Generate a higher income from CHP than competitor units