Organic Rankine Cycle CHP

Organic Rankine Cycle CHP

The Process

ORC works by capturing waste heat and converting it into energy without excess emissions.


Fluid is pumped at high pressure and transferred to an evaporator.


The evaporator captures heat from your machinery and boils the fluid into a pressurised gas


The gas flows through the patented twin screw expander, causing a generator to spin and produce power before being cooled back into it's liquid state.




ORC is reliable


Each ORC unit can provide a continuous supply of up to 65kW of electricity. 


As it requires less up-keep than gasification CHP, it is ideal if you have a significant year-round demand for heating and power.

Move beyond fuel as power

ORC is completely fuel free.


The technology allows you to create cost free, emission free power from equipment you already have.


If you want to join those already using ORC but don't have a heat source, it's a fantastic option to  combine the technology with a waste wood biomass system. By choosing this, you gain access to the cheapest heat and power available on the market, whilst opting out of rising energy prices.


Whether installing a whole new heat and power network or optimising on what you already have, ORC will let you tap into the CHP uplift tariff. Click here to find out more.


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Choose energy that won't harm the environment


Wood chip is a renewable, carbon neutral fuel. 



Switching to CHP means you can cut your CO2 emissions and receive an income from government incentives.


Switching to ORC – what’s involved

ORC is easy to install and with one of our servicing plans will run reliably for many years.


However, to make sure you get the best return on your investment it’s important you install the right unit for your needs. We can help.



  • Design a unit that will best suit your site and energy needs
  • Supply, install and commission the unit
  • Provide on-site training
  • Provide off-site monitoring in conjunction with ElectraTherm
  • Provide telephone and on-site support
  • Service the unit under an annual contract

Free Site Survey

To provide you with reliable and cost-effective energy ORC CHP must meet a number of legal, technical and site considerations.


We can survey your site to make sure switching to ORC will work well for you.


There’s no obligation and it’s completely free.
To book a survey call us on 01600 463 008.

Connecting to the public electricity supply

The local distribution network operator (DNO) must give permission for a CHP unit to connect to the public electricity supply.


They may need to assess the impact of the unit on the network and may stipulate design and operating requirements, securing their permission can be a complex process.


We know the DNOs in our local area well and have worked with their staff so often we’re on first name terms, so we can make connecting to the grid quicker and easier.