Froling gasification CHP units

Froling gasification CHP units

Who can benefit from CHP

Froling specialise in the efficient use of wood as an energy source. Their CHP units and Biomass boilers are manufactured in Austria and are in use across Europe.

Why we recommend Froling

Froling wood gasification CHP units are easy to install, fully automatic and built to an outstanding quality.


The units are made up of a gasifier, modified JCB engine and PLC controls. Each unit is packaged in a 26-foot container. The unit is pre-commissioned at the factory and then run for 50 hours before delivery. 


When the unit arrives on site it just needs connecting to the fuel feed, electricity and heating circuit.







What you may need to consider on your site

  • A fuel store for wet and / or dry chip
  • A concrete foundation for the unit
  • Laying underground hot water pipes to connect the unit to where the heat is needed
  • A site for the dryer



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Froling CHP: Technical advantages

  • 83% overall efficiency rating
  • Generate a constant 50kW of electricity and 104kW of heat
  • Quietest model on the market with low cabin and exhaust noise
  • Runs best on softwoods
  • Continuous offsite monitoring, remote support and full external control
  • IP65 rating means they are safe to install inside or outside
  • Full CO alarm and automatic safety ventilation system, two stage 30ppm and 60ppm siren and beacon, compliant with all safety regulations
  • Compressed air and cold start ignition
  • Safety airlocks ash/chip/flare
  • Bespoke fuel feed system to suit any site
  • Built in sieve automatically removes wood fines, reducing the need to separate
  • Cam/candle filter automatically extracts ash
  • Proven electronic control systems with over 15 years’ operation in Froling’s large boilers
  • Engines have five years’ life expectancy but many last longer and are refurbished rather than replaced
  • G59 Mains Protection Relay included as required by the District Network Operator