Installing ORC

Installing ORC

Who can benefit from ORC

ORC is a great option if your primary need is heat but you still want to benefit from generating electricity. The system is completely fuel free. It is a brilliant and practical option if you want to make use of the emission free energy emitted by your machines as waste heat. 

Large Outputs

The ElectraTherm Power+ converts your waste heat into power. It is the leading technology due to it's patented in-process lubrication and twin screw expander.


The unit can use waste heat generated by most manufacturing processes, power generation & heating systems. This larger unit produces power from 35-65kWe.


As the Power+ Generator runs from waste heat you can generate electricity at no cost. Due to this the unit requires little upkeep and does not need it's own fuel source. When choosing ElectraTherm you are also gaining access to the CHP uplift tariff. 




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35kWe+ Technical advantages

  • Captures waste energy from distributed hot water sources
  • Has optimal usage with stationary engine jacket water, biomass boilers, solar thermal and geothermal/co-produced fluids
  • Generates up to 110kWe of fuel-free, emission-free electricity
  • Fully automated controls with remote monitoring and operating capabilities
  • Induction generator with power factor correction for easy grid capabilities
  • Simple maintenance, with no gearbox or oil changes
  • NEMA 3R / IP 54 compliant enclosure for outdoor use
  • Sound attenuated option: <72db at 1 meter
  • CE certified
  • Brazed plate heat exchangers
  • Robust, Twin Screw Expander power block
  • Patented in-process lubrication
  • Can be installed either in or outdoors
  • Bespoke installation to accommodate your needs


What you may need to consider on your site

  • A fuel store for wet and/or dry chip
  • Space to accomodate 2.5m x 2m machinery
  • A site for the dryer
  • 3 phase electric
  • A water supply
  • Internet access for remote control