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Combined Heat & Power explained

Generate your own heat and power

Combined heat and power (CHP) generate heat and electricity at the same time. Novalux specialise in finding the correct unit for your fuel supply. Whether you have access to forestry or a need dispose of waste, making the switch is financially beneficial.

  • You can cut costs

  • You generate income

  • You can plan for the future

  • You cut your carbon emissions

  • Your energy supply is more secure

Five reasons to switch to Combined Heat & Power

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Who can benefit from Combined Heat & Power?

You will benefit from CHP if you have high energy use.


For example, if you have a continuous demand for heating, drying or cooling you could see significant benefits.

Plan for a secure future

Energy prices fluctuate, which makes it hard to have a long-term financial plan. With CHP you’re using a low-cost fuel to generate your own energy and create a long-term income.


We can also help you to make the most of technology you already have by converting your waste heat in to power with ORC.




Beat energy price rises

Biomass wood fuel is up to:


....cheaper than electricity


....cheaper than LPG


....cheaper than oil

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Exporting electricity to the grid


CHP (combined heat and power) units generate heat and electricity simultaneously. Different units use different fuels, depending on their size and where they are used. To export your energy back to the grid you will need permission from the District Network Operator, which is not always easy to get.


We can help. Call us on 01600 463 008 to find out more.

Return on investment

enjoy an income for 20 years

CHP is eligible for several incentives, so every kW of energy you generate will earn you money.
You can recoup your costs in 3-4 years and stop energy costs dictating your life forever.