Who can benefit from a biomass boiler

Who can benefit from a biomass boiler


You will benefit from a biomass boiler if you have high demand for heat. It will give you a low-cost source of energy and a significant return on your investment.

Biomass boilers can be used in different sectors.


For example:


Wood or straw grown on the farm, or organic waste such as corn husks, animal waste or litter can be used to:

  • Dry crops
  • Pasteurise milk
  • Heat livestock sheds

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Biomass boilers produce clean heat with no emissions that could affect the growth of plants.

  • Heating glasshouses
Waste disposal & recycling
  • Reduce weight of waste to landfill
  • To heat and power the site
  • To create emission free disposal
  • To efficiently dispose of grade C waste wood
Estates, landowners & housing schemes
  • To heat game sheds
  • To heat a large house
  • To heat several properties
Industry & commerce
  • To heat offices
  • To heat warehouses and factories

Reliable energy at a price you can be sure of

Electricity, gas and oil prices continually fluctuate. This is a considerable problem when energy is a significant expense for your business. Frequent price rises and uncertain costs can prevent you accessing finance or developing long-term plans for growth.


When you produce your own heat with a biomass boiler, you not only cut your costs, you enjoy an index-linked income for up to 20 years too.


This means you have a secure energy supply.
You have control over your finances.
And you can plan for the future.

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A Healthy Return on Your Investment

When you switch to a biomass boiler, the return on your investment can be considerable. For example, one of our customers uses biomass to heat a large house, office gym and greenhouse and is seeing:

Annual Fuel Savings
Cost of oil £9,083
Cost of wood pellets £7,212
Total Saving
Annual Income from Grants
Biomass Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) £13,979
Annual Gain
Savings plus income £15,850
20-year Benefit
Time to payback cost of biomass boiler 4.3 years
Total net benefit over 20 years

*Assumes 6% annual increase in price of oil and 3% annual inflation on RHI

Switch to Biomass

What incentives can I get?

Biomass boilers are eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

So, not only do you save on your energy costs, you generate a new source of income too.

Do you already have solar?

If you already generate renewable power through solar, why not install renewable heat too?

Where maintaining a consistent temperature is paramount, for example in livestock sheds and glasshouses, biomass can guarantee heat supply at peak times.