Waste wood biomass

Waste wood biomass

Who can benefit from burning waste wood

Novalux Energy has collaboratively designed a Waste Incineration Directive (WID) biomass boiler, built to burn A, B and C grade waste wood.



Our waste wood boiler is built in Ukraine resulting in an agreeable price and high quality machinery. Often you can charge a fee for the removal of waste wood, giving you an income stream on top of tariffs.


Need to generate power too?


Coupled with Organic Rankine Cycle you can harness heat from your boiler and turn it in to power.


You'll also gain access to the CHP uplift tariff, providing you with an even bigger return on investment.

Why we recommend Kriger

The unit has been specifically designed to overcome expensive and unnecessary wood chip specifications, giving you the flexibility to source your own fuel. 


The boiler is designed without augers. Using a scraper and chain conveyor to clean the under grate with wet ash extraction, you can pass a brick from fuel store to boiler and through to the ash box, without impacting on your machine. 


The boiler has been designed to run continuously for over 8000 hours a year, due to the durability it requires minimal effort for day-to-day running and has low maintenance costs. 



What you may need to consider on your site

  • A fuel store for wet and/or dry chip
  • An installation site measuring 5 x 10m with a minimum ceiling height of 5m
  • 3 phase electric
  • A water supply
  • Internet connection for remote access




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Kriger biomass: Technical advantages

  • >90% overall efficiency rating
  • Generate a constant 1mw of heat
  • Consumption averages out at just 0.3 tonnes/h per 1mw
  • RHI emission certificated for A and B grade waste wood
  • WID applications site specific
  • Purifys wood gas to create low emission heat
  • Larger step grate than traditional boilers
  • Enlarged combustion chamber with 3 passes
  • Thickened refractory brick lining
  • Increased efficiency through economiser
  • Reduced emissions through multi cyclone and bag filters
  • Built with no auger for debris proof mechanics
  • Can be coupled with ORC to produce electric whilst you heat & gain access to the CHP tariff uplift
  • Runs on waste wood
  • Bespoke installation design to suit any site
  • Fully automated process regulation
  • Continuous offsite monitoring, remote support and full external control
  • Automatic neumatic heat exchanger cleaning
  • Safety burnback protection
  • Wet ash extraction for waste wood
  • Units are built to stand the test of time, designed to outlast RHI requirements
  • Walking floor fuel store
  • All waste wood handling by chain conveyors