How biomass boilers work

How biomass boilers work

The process

The Froling biomass boilers we supply work using a simple process.  The fuel is automatically blown or auger fed into the boiler and burnt to produce heat.

The thermal energy is then transferred to a heat exchanger to provide heating and hot water.



Biomass is efficient


Froling biomass boilers convert up to 95% of the energy from the fuel they burn into usable heat.


This is more efficient than modern condensing boilers, which are 89% efficient.

The largest boilers can generate up to 1000kW of heat. So, whatever your demand for heat, we can supply a boiler to match it.


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Biomass won't harm the environment



Wood chip is a renewable, carbon neutral fuel.  




Switching to a biomass boiler will help you to cut your CO2 emissions whilst receiving an income from government incentives.




You can now harness power from wood chip too.


Burn waste wood to future-proof your business

Novalux installs Kriger boilers which burn A, B and C grade wood as fuel. The new technology allows you to be exempt from fluctuating energy prices and unnecessary chip requirements.


If you source your own fuel there is no need to be concerned about the impact of chip quality on long term performance of your boiler. Infact, the machinery is so durable you can pass a brick through the whole system and not affect it's function. Click here to find out more.


Free Site Survey

To make sure biomass is right for you we offer a free site survey.


We make sure it will easily integrate into your heating system and that you have the right size boiler to meet your demand for heat.


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Switching to biomass – what’s involved

A biomass boiler is easy to install and integrate and, once properly commissioned, needs very little maintenance.

However, to make sure you get the best return on your investment it’s important you install the right sized boiler for your needs and have it serviced regularly. We can help.


  • Carry out a free site survey to determine which boiler will best suit your energy needs
  • Supply, install and commission the boiler
  • Provide on-site training
  • Service the boiler under an annual contract