Switch to Biomass

Low-cost, renewable heat to benefit you & the environment

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Biomass explained

Low-cost, renewable heat

Biomass boilers generate renewable heat by burning organic material. The most common materials used are woods chips or wood pellets. However, almost any organic material can be burnt. The heat generated is used to heat buildings and water.

  • You can cut costs

  • You generate income

  • You can plan for the future

  • You cut your carbon emissions

  • Your energy supply is more secure

Five reasons to switch to Biomass

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Who can benefit from Biomass?


You will benefit from biomass if you have a high or continuous demand for heat.


For example, if you need heat for several buildings, for livestock sheds or a swimming pool, you could see significant benefits.


Plan for a secure future


Energy prices fluctuate, which makes it hard to have a long-term financial plan.


With Biomass you’re using a low-cost fuel to generate your own heat and create a long-term income.

Beat energy price rises

Biomass wood fuel is up to:


....cheaper than electricity


....cheaper than LPG


....cheaper than oil

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Return on investment

enjoy an income for 20 years

Biomass is eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive, so every kW of heat you generate will earn you money.